The I/O Digital Foundation, originally founded July 2014, is providing a fully functional and Open Source Blockchain for businesses or consumers to use. With an intuitive HTML5 wallet,  data storing capabilities, alias sending , side chain technology and decentralized (encrypted) messaging this is considered the next generation Blockchain eco system. I/O Digital also provides the capability to interoperate with other Blockchains through the Chameleon framework.

The ecosystem in a nutshell

I/O Digital provides a fully configurable and usable Blockchain service. We provide the technology for businesses to have their own interoperable -private- Blockchain / sidechain and the possibilities to store data in the Blockchain for smart contracts, identity management, messaging and more. Combining the private Blockchain with project Chameleon creates interoperability between all connected Blockchains.

DIONS and Chameleon

DIONS (Decentralized Input/Output Name Server) is a mechanism to store data in the Blockchain and enables the possibility to send messages to other users across the Blockchain and register an Alias. Project Chameleon is the ‘glue’ between the the I/O Digital main Blockchain and connected sidechains in order to provide connectivity, features and interoperability.

(private) sidechain technology for businesses

Always wanted to have your own Blockchain? With a limitless range of potential applications, storing all of data in a single Blockchain – even one optimized for data storage such as I/O’s – wouldn’t be practical. We have the ability to spin up a private business Blockchain to accommodate the specific business needs for privacy, security and maintainability. Connect your Blockchain to Chameleon and a full range of capabilities will become available.

Donating to the foundation

We are a non-profit foundation. Since 2014 we are developing Open Source Blockchain technology which is used worldwide and payed for by the founding members. To keep developing Blockchain technology – and have a faster time to market –  we are requesting donations.  5% (net) of every donation will be spend on a charity. Especially charities which are focussed on the environment, helping children and helping animals/people in need. Thank you for your donation.