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Project Chameleon will shift Blockchain boundaries

Blockchain revolution: the internet of trust

I/O Digital  was founded in July 2014 with the aim of creating a polished,  user-friendly and cohesive solution for businesses seeking a competitive edge from blockchain-based technology

I/O Coin is the digital currency that is used on our Blockchain. The coin ensures that data can be sent from A to B and the coin is traded on several online exchanges. More info can be found on www.iocoin.io

We  have worked to smooth away some of the nascent technology’s rougher  edges,  refining it into a product ready for wide-scale deployment in  global industries, both commercial and financial.

I/O Digital provides the open source technology for decentralized identity management, smart contracts, rights management, vote management and more. This can be achieved making use of the I/O Digital blockchain or making use of side chain technology.

Interested in using I/O Digital blockchain technology for your services? please use the contact form or contact us through Skype (skype:blockchainbros)

Storing data in the Blockchain enables businesses to use decentralized
storage for their services without a single point of failure.

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