I/O Digital development status and roadmap

Current status of the roadmap

DIONS 1st Beta by team and bug fixing 99%
DIONS public (invite only) beta test 15%
(encrypted) messaging through HTML5 wallet 100%
Project Chameleon 70%
New I/O Coin website 80%
Mobile on-chain HD wallet 50%
Reversible (timed) transactions in HTML5 25%

note: We don’t give any official release date on features.

Status as of march 1st – 2017
Testing with testgroup is commencing!!!

YES! after two years of development we have a running testnet and issued test I/O Coins to the testnet. We have external people that have access to virtual machines that will run the new DIONS HTML5 wallet in the Operating System they have chosen. Windows 10, OSX and Linux.

The coming weeks we will be testing and push the new wallet and DIONS Blockchain to its limits.
After we fixed any bugs or enhanced some features advised by our testers, then we will choose a specific Block to go live. If everything goes according to plan we could see a release end March / April. This is not an official release date, but estimate. We will announce the block when we have consensus within the test team to release.

March 11th the team of I/O Digital will also demonstrate the DIONS HTML5 wallet in the popular Youtube show “Blocktalk”.

So, DIONS is in final stages of the BETA and running on our testnet. Data can be stored in the Blockchain (1mb per Block – we are testing higher values), encrypted messages are sent and received and the fees are redistributed to the stakers. Also inviting members to a chat and decentralized alias name creation is fully functional. We are fixing bugs as we speak. Like scroll issues, adding the right buttons, front-end styling issues etc.

We have security, scalability and stability on our agenda and do not release if we are not 100% satisfied. After two years of working on DIONS this last stage is very important to us.

Private development

We develop our project in a private GitHub. This is done because we care for our private investments and the community. We do not develop with community funding nor ICO. After developing for over two years, putting all our private time and money in the project and our community sticking by us all that time and helping us to create awareness, it is our responsibility to keep all investments done safe for the time being and gain advantage to other projects. This will benefit the project in the long run and the community. At a later stage the source code will be Open Source!

Business usage of Blockchain

Are you in a business and want to know how Blockchain can help you? Please contact us through the contact form for more information.